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As we grow older, we ditch the piggy banks filled with coins and say hello to
bank accounts and our first debit card. However, what knowledge and skills
need to be equipped to start managing money effectively? Here at Square One,
we strive to educate the youth and young adults to understand the importance
of financial literacy and have them ready and confident about finance and
important life skills.

Square One seeks to address the lack of financial literacy in the current BC
curriculum while ensuring students have the skills it takes to secure
employment before they graduate high school. We facilitate this project
throughout five interactive workshops covering: banking smart, budgeting,
savings and taxes, basic credit, and career development skills. Square One is a
comprehensive community project teaching financial literacy and life skills to
local Secondary School students.

A group of students created this project at Capilano University in Enactus.
Enactus is a global non-profit organization with a community of student,
academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of
entrepreneurial action. This student-led project was created in partnership with
representatives from RBC Royal Bank in August 2017. It was piloted as a course
at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver in which students were able to attain
credit for graduation. In the 2018/2019 school year, it was incorporated into all
of Argyle Secondary School’s Planning 12 classes in North Vancouver. In
addition, it started a relationship with Moscrop Secondary school in Burnaby
that has expanded to include most of their Planning 10 types. This 2021-2022
year, Square One has been partnering alongside RBC Royal Bank and PC
financial to create a learning space for anyone to learn about financial literacy.
Square One hopes to make learning about financial literacy easy and accessible.